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Engineers often strive to achieve the best possible design using FEA simulation, but to do so, they must continually learn and stay up-to-date. The question arises, where can engineers acquire knowledge of FEA simulations and work with a FEA software, such as Abaqus? Often, they scour the web in search of the best courses and tutorials. This blog post aims to provide a solution by introducing five websites that offer Abaqus tutorials, consulting, and support services.

Technia Addnode group

TECHNIA is a website that provides engineering and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to companies in various industries. TECHNIA offers a range of services, including software solutions, consulting, training, and support. They work with industry-leading software providers such as Dassault Systèmes, Siemens, and PTC, and offer their own proprietary software solutions as well. The TECHNIA website serves as a platform for companies to learn more about their services and products, as well as to access resources such as whitepapers, webinars, and case studies.

Here are some of its services regarding many software including the Abaqus:

  • Scheduled online tutorial courses in many fields, such as fracture analysis, heat transfer analysis, composite materials, etc., and they are provided in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • FEA consultancy services in four main topics: structural analysis, CFD analysis, material modeling, and Methods Development & Automation.
  • Support services by submitting a query form or get in contact with an expert.
  • Webinars
  • Blog posts in several fields
  • Abaqus tutorials in form of text files.

Dassault Systèmes


You cannot talk about the Abaqus tutorial and ignore its creator. Dassault Systèmes is a French software company that specializes in providing software solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM), 3D design, simulation, and virtual reality. This company is the creator of the Abaqus software.

Dassault Systèmes is perhaps best known for its CATIA software, which is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) tool used by engineers and designers in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment. CATIA enables users to create 3D models of products, simulate their performance, and optimize their design.

In addition to CATIA, Dassault Systèmes offers a range of other software solutions, including:

  • ENOVIA: A PLM software platform that enables companies to manage all aspects of a product’s lifecycle, from design and development to manufacturing and service.
  • SIMULIA: A simulation software platform that enables engineers to simulate the behavior of complex systems and structures, such as buildings, bridges, and aircraft.
  • DELMIA: A manufacturing software platform that enables companies to plan, simulate, and optimize their manufacturing processes.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE: A collaborative platform that provides a unified environment for product development, simulation, and collaboration.


Dassault Systèmes offers a range of training services on their website to help users learn how to use their software solutions effectively.

  • Worldwide training scheduled courses: SIMULIA, in collaboration with their educational partners, provides training programs at both public seminars and on-site customer locations. A wide range of courses are available, ranging from introductory to advanced levels, that cover various analysis topics and applications.
  • SIMULIA community: The SIMULIA Community is a platform where users and experts can discuss simulation-related questions and share tips on SIMULIA software. Users can also apply to become authors and establish themselves as thought-leaders. The community includes both SIMULIA product users and subject matter experts from around the world.
  • E-seminars
  • SIMULIA e-learning resources
  • Customized training courses: For businesses and organizations with particular training needs or requirements, Dassault Systèmes can offer tailored training solutions. They can offer on-site or online training choices, and can customize their training programs to match the needs of various departments or teams within an organization.
  • Documentation
  • Technical supports


If you’re looking for a free tutorial on anything, especially software such as Abaqus, YouTube would likely be your first choice. Many videos on many channels are available to learn the Abaqus, and some are good. Here are some popular channels in the field of Abaqus tutorials:

  • abaqus tutorials
  • Abaqus Acumen
  • Engineering software
  • Hyper Lyceum
  • NotReal Engineering
  • CAEassistant channel
  • ….

These channels present tutorials in many fields, such as forming, cyclic loading, welding, and Python scripting. In these videos you can find general and elementary information about the Abaqus. Most of them just teach the required Abaqus settings for the intended simulation, and there is no explanation about the theory of the problem; however, there is good stuff in these videos.

But let’s face it; despite the free tutorials and a great place to start with, there is no advanced, professional, and organized training and tutorials for Abaqus software.

CAE Assistant

CAE Assistant has a team of experts who specialize in advanced engineering courses, with a particular emphasis on solid mechanics engineering. Its focus is on providing simulation tutorials for various topics, including “composite materials,” “shape-memory alloys,” and the “3D printing manufacturing process.” Their goal is to create content that delves deeply into each topic and covers advanced levels, rather than offering basic and general courses that can be easily found online or on YouTube. Additionally, its tutorial packages come with sample codes that allow users to apply advanced theories in the analysis software.

The CAE Assistant community is experiencing a rapid increase in their coding speed by utilizing basic codes for the key and fundamental theories of solid mechanics, as well as video tutorials. This is resulting in an accelerated development in both industry and science.

The tutorials and services of this website for Abaqus can be categorized as below:

  • Tutorial packages: These tutorials are video based, containing the lessons and workshops; in lessons the topic is taught with details along with theories used and after that there would be some examples in form of workshops. Also, it contains simulation files.
  • Articles and blog posts: there are more than 20 articles in many fields, such as 3D printing simulation, and UMAT subroutine.
  • Business membership: you can have a business membership for your institution, university, or company to have access to all its tutorial packages according to the contract.
  • Online consultancy services: there are experts that you can book a meeting with each one you want to explain your problem and get consultancy services.
  • Teaching on CAE Assistant: If you have any expertise in the Abaqus, you can register as a vendor and create your own tutorial videos.

The tutorials on this website are video package based, and as mentioned, these tutorials are professional. The main difference between this website and others is its expert tutorial in scripting and subroutines like UMAT and UEL. You can view Abaqus training courses here.


4RealSim is one of the Dassault Systèmes partner, which sells various SIMULIA products, such as Abaqus, Isight, and provide FEA services. These services include:

  • FEA consultancy: 4RealSim performs basic-to-advanced simulation consulting work for a variety of applications, such as buckling, forming, and subroutine development. Also, it performs FEA simulations for its clients in many industries, such as Aerospace & defense, and Transportation & mobility.
  • Abaqus classroom trainings: 4RealSim is a certified partner of Dassault Systemes and provides educational training on various SIMULIA products, including Abaqus, Isight, fe-safe, Tosca, Simpack, and 3DExperience. The training courses can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer, and they are conducted either at the 4RealSim office or at the customer’s location.
  • Abaqus E-Learning Trainings: All basic and advanced SIMULIA training materials can be accessed through e-learning. The content of these trainings are available in the website in form of a PDF file.
  • Blog posts: Also, there are more than 30 articles in several topics of Abaqus simulations.


Well, this is it. I hope this post could have helped you. Of course, there are other websites for Abaqus tutorials, but this post just introduced the most important five of them.

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