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In the past, print media, including newspapers and magazines, entertained audiences with engaging news and content. However, with the advent of the internet, the print media lost its popularity, and nowadays, only a few people turn to magazines for entertainment. While the internet offers plenty of amusement, much of the content found on social media platforms proves to be a waste of time. What if the interesting content that once existed in magazines and newspapers could be accessed in a more compelling format? Asemooni, Iran's largest online magazine, offers captivating content across various areas. Regardless of your interests, Asemooni always has something to offer. In the following sections, we will get into the details of this online magazine.


What is Asemooni and how much experience does it have in this area? is an online magazine with a history dating back further than you think. This media was founded in 2004 by Mr. Saeed Zanganeh and is considered one of the oldest online magazines and is currently among the top online magazines in Iran.


Asemooni has consistently aimed to expand its audience and their satisfaction by maintaining dynamic content. Currently, a diverse range of topics from tourism, sports, technology, and cooking to medical, health, lifestyle, and business are featured on this media. Additionally, the online magazine tries to keep the integrity of its content by publishing accurate information.


What’s on Asemooni Magazine?

Asemooni online magazine ( provides its audiences with its various parts. So, what exactly are these parts? Let's explore a few of them below:


What's up today?

Let's start with "What’s up today?” – The first section we introduce. As the name suggests, this part provides news from various areas.  For example, at the time of writing this article, one of the featured news covers the home business exhibition in Damavand. Another piece of news is about the latest Champions League knockout phase. These two news are from entirely different areas. Other news is about holding the joint meeting of parliament and government, ensuring that even those with a passion for political news will find engaging content within the pages of Asemooni online magazine.


Another part of Asemooni magazine is about art. Within this section, readers can explore a wide range of articles that can be both entertaining and informative. Topics range from interesting insights such as "What is stop motion?" and "What are the secrets of da Vinci's paintings" to informative guides like "Creating paraffin-free candles for the New Year" and "Mastering the art of pasta structure." This part serves as a valuable resource for art enthusiasts. One notable aspect of the Art category is its several subcategories, each dedicated to a specific branch of art, such as photography, performing arts, and sculpture. This structure allows readers to find articles and information related to their interests faster.



Finance and Investment

In today's world, we are looking for different ways to increase our financial stability and overall wellbeing. Therefore, the information and updates in the financial and economic part can be a great help. Within Asemooni magazine, numerous practical financial articles related to the Iranian context are available. These articles cover different topics, including practical advice on opening accounts and how to use card readers. Additionally, for those interested in investment, Asemooni offers insightful articles on digital currencies, gold, and other valuable assets commonly used for investment purposes.



You are definitely a sports or football enthusiast, or at least you know someone who is passionate about football. Asemooni has a dedicated section just for you. In this section, you'll discover articles about sports such as, football, volleyball, etc. Furthermore, sports news is a regular feature with different topics, from a table of wordlwide major football leagues, to the news about players and coaches.



Perhaps you are not particularly interested in news and would rather invest your time in more productive way. Fortunately, Asemooni online magazine has a separated section for you in this area. One section of this magazine is dedicated to education, featuring articles covering various areas such as English language, literature, Arabic language, surveying, architecture, etc. Asemooni magazine has also reviewed some Iranian universities, so if you are interested in education or are going to enter university in the near future, we advise you to visit this part.


Asemooni Magazine – a Source of Entertainment and Useful Information

In this article, we have introduced Iran’s best and oldest online magazines, Asemooni, and overviewed its diverse content. While Asemooni is a valuable source of knowledge, it also offers entertainment options. So, whether your goal is to have fun or look for useful information in various areas, we suggest you visit Asemooni online magazine.

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